The Mount Leinster Challenge

In the words of Jimmy Cliff, you can get it if you really want, you can get it if you really want, you can get it if you really want. But you must try, try and try, try and try. You’ll succeed at last
When it comes to overcoming situations or having a desire to achieve anything in life, this for the past number of years has been my mantra.

In 2016, The Mount Leinster Challenge was my first 100km sportive, I cycled the route with 3 other cycling buddies and I must say we had the best craic, it was a great day out! I remember it being a tough but very rewarding day, I’d only been cycling a few months. I’m not ashamed to say it, I had to get off the bike at one point when heading up Corrabut Gap.

The sportive is hosted by Slaney Cycling Club and this year I opted for the 145km route which took in 3 ascents to Mount Leinster! The second climb of the day was Corrabut Gap, in my head there was no way I was getting off any bike and as Jimmy Cliff began to sing to me before I knew it I had completed the toughest climb of the day. There’s no greater achievement and sense of elation than when you reach the top of a hill, especially when you have stunning views to look at.

What do you like from a sportive? For me, it is one that is run by a local cycling club and Slaney Cycling Club are so welcoming, they put on the best food stop in Kiltealy, Wexford. I’m talking home-made sandwiches (salad sandwiches – YUM!), tea served in a mug, brown bread with tuna, cocktail sausages and cakes… every type you can think of. Pre, during and post ride food stops the lads were on hand with all the essentials being covered & you even get a goody bag and finishers medal!!

Silly mistake of the day; not turning on my garmin at the start (lost about 4k), fun part of the day; standing at the Nine Stones watching the heavens open and being caught in a down pour of torrential rain and hail stones while trying to put on leg warmers. Best ‘joie de vivre’ moment, making the decent safely from Nine Stones, cycling through streams of water getting my ass wet (no ass saver on my Ridley) and just thinking, isn’t it great to be alive, where would you rather be, nowhere, just here!